May 23, 2024

Exodus Adventure Travels “Exploration Without Boundaries” grants

Exodus Adventure Travels has just unveiled the recipients of their “Exploration Without Boundaries” grants, marking their second-year collaboration with The Explorers Club. As a premier adventure tour operator commemorating five decades of providing unparalleled journeys that immerse travelers in the world’s most captivating sights, scents, flavors, vistas, and cultures, Exodus recognizes its role in safeguarding the environment, preserving diverse cultures, and fostering the enduring spirit of adventure for future generations.

Rochelle Turner, Head of Sustainability at Exodus Adventure Travels, emphasized the responsibility that comes with the privilege of travel, particularly to the exceptional destinations one encounters on an Exodus tour. Celebrating the continuation of their partnership with The Explorers Club, Turner expressed admiration for the multitude of brilliant minds with visionary ideas dedicated to making our planet a better place. Supporting these innovators in their quest for positive change is a source of great honor for the company.

The “Exploration Without Boundaries” grants are designed to aid individuals and projects that promote a global understanding of the social and natural realms through cultural exploration, scientific inquiry, and conservation endeavors. These four grant recipients are intrepid explorers who have charted unconventional paths to acquire the expertise required for their research, dedicating their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and discovery. Their stories of unyielding determination and insatiable curiosity serve as beacons of inspiration.

Here are the 2023 grant recipients and details about their aspirations and qualifications:

Amanda Ho
Project: Seagrass Preservation & Restoration in Cambodia
After earning degrees in Oceanography and Environmental Science, Amanda has applied her expertise as an AAUS-certified Scientific Diver to investigate seagrass meadows in Cambodia. Her mission is to safeguard and restore these critical blue carbon ecosystems, recognized for their capacity to sequester carbon and combat climate change. Amanda’s journey with The Explorers Club began in 2020 through an internship with the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society. As a budding explorer, she is grateful for this opportunity to embark on fieldwork that addresses such a pressing global concern.

Project Goal: This initiative aims to map, monitor, conserve, and rehabilitate seagrass meadows in the Kep Archipelago and Kampot Province in Cambodia, addressing the limited efforts in seagrass restoration in developing nations.

Susmita Lama
Project: Climate Communication in Trans-Himalayan Communities of Nepal: Stories of Indigenous People from Ngisyang Valley
Susmita Lama, a graduate of Tribhuvan University with a background in Forestry Science, is deeply rooted in the wildlife and culture of Nepal. She is not only an enthusiastic traveler but also a passionate advocate for nature and a committed research enthusiast. In light of today’s global environmental challenges related to climate change and biodiversity loss, Susmita regards understanding environmental conservation techniques as an immediate necessity. Her project aims to document stories of resilience and traditional knowledge within the trans-Himalayan communities, highlighting recommended actions for relevant authorities.

Project Goal: Through “Sci-stories,” this project seeks to bridge the gap in climate exchanges in the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal by using storytelling as a tool to convey scientific recommendations and promote indigenous recognition.

Christian Nolorbe
Project: Danger in the Diet: Microplastic Contamination of Indigenous Amazonian Fishing Grounds
Christian Nolorbe Payahua, an Associate Professor at the National University of the Peruvian Amazon with a master’s degree in the Biology of Continental Aquatic Environments, brings his expertise to investigate microplastic contamination in Amazonian fish. This research is of paramount importance as such contaminants could have profound health consequences for communities relying on these fish for sustenance.

Project Goal: Focusing on the disproportionate impact of microplastics on fish and consumers, this project seeks to uncover the extent of microplastic contamination in the fishing grounds of indigenous Amazonians, who depend on fish for sustenance and face significant harm if stocks are depleted.

Cassidy Schoenfelder
Project: Traditions of Erasure: A Geo-aesthetic Study of the National Park Service Artist Residency Programs
Cassidy Schoenfelder, a member of the Oglala band of the Lakota Sioux tribe residing in Tucson, Arizona, combines her roles as a geographer, art historian, and artist. Her research delves into tribal/federal co-management initiatives in U.S. national parks, granting tribes a legal voice in the management of their ancestral lands. In addition to the physical management of land, water, and non-human entities, tribes are concerned with the representation and perception of their lands by the public. Cassidy’s project focuses on the role of artists and their artworks in shaping public perception and the implementation of Indigenous perspectives in park management practices.

Project Goal: This initiative aims to explore how artists and their artworks influence public understanding, engagement, behavior, and activism regarding public lands, such as national parks, while examining the integration of an Indigenous perspective into this dynamic relationship.

These extraordinary individuals and their projects exemplify the boundless potential of exploration and discovery, offering fresh insights into the intricate tapestry of our world. Exodus Adventure Travels is honored to stand by their side as they embark on their transformative journeys.

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